Samil Power

At Rexel Energy Solutions we provide quality solar power solutions from leading suppliers such as Samil Power. Established manufacturer of solar inverters, Samil Power, is constantly evolving and improving its products to provide its customers with efficient inverters for all solar power systems. 

Whether it’s a residential project or a commercial rooftop solar power system – Samil Power offer the Samil Solar River inverter range as well as the Solar Lake collection, to enable you get the correct solar inverter for your particular PV system.
The Samil Solar River inverter is single phase, easily installed and safe to operate due to its DC switch that is already integrated into the system. It features a digital display and is highly energy-efficient. 
The Samil Solar Lake inverters are three phase and offer an easy-to-use key pad operating system. In addition to this, they have a wide input voltage range to ensure users have the right level of power required for their solar power systems. 
Browse our selection of Samil Power solar inverters below. 


Installing SolarRiver Inverters