AC & DC Electric Charging

Commercial & Public DC Charging Stations

The development of electric vehicles (EVs) has created the need for DC fast charging stations for both commercial and public use. Fast DC charging stations need to be robust, modern, user-friendly and incorporate both charging and payment functions. All Rexel EV DC chargers provide the power and efficiency needed to supply a rapid charge for all compatible electric vehicles. 

Rexel Energy Solutions currently sells the Chargemaster Triplex Supercharger (a DC fast charger), which enables full connectivity to almost any vehicle. As well as this, Rexel will soon stock the Evolt Compact Rapid Charger, capable of charging two vehicles – AC and DC – at the same time. Rexel Energy Solutions is the leading supplier of choice for fast DC charging stations for businesses, commercial feet use, fuelling stations and more.

Why choose a DC charging station?

The growing EV industry has resulted in an increased need for commercial charging stations, with DC charging stations providing the fastest charge available for electric vehicles. Easily installed, any qualified electrician can install an EV DC charger – meaning there’s no requirement for an accredited installer.

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