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Solar cables for installation


Solar Cables

Safety is vital while installing inverters and modules, which is why we stock a range of leading brand cables, connectors, switchgears and solar PV tools – making installations safe and efficient. 

All Solar PV systems and devices require connection to the grid and the installation premises’ electrical supply, which can be completed easily when using high quality tools and equipment. Our range of AC/DC switchgears, PV cables and connectors, and Solar PV tools enable you to do this safely, ensuring that the system installed is practical and easy to use for your customers. Our PV meters meet all the NEC 2008/2011 industry  standards, ensuring that you know exactly what you generate, enabling you to then report this for any feed-in tariff purposes.
We stock a range of high quality connectors, solar cables, switchgears and solar PV tools  from top brands such as ABB, Elster and Kewtech. All of the manufacturers that we stock are trusted industry leaders, so you know that the tools and equipment you’re using are of the highest quality.

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