At Rexel Energy Solutions we sell a variety of Ubbink items ideal for use with Ubbink solar products.

Dedicated to improving energy efficiency across Europe, Ubbink are a market leader in offering roofing products, including solar panel mounting kits which are not only easy to install but are also sustainable.
As a specialist provider of solar PV modules and equipment, we sell a number of Ubbink solar panel mounting brackets, as well as PV mounting rails, roof hooks, bolts and much more.
Our Ubbink items can be used for a range of mountings, including in-roof mounting – where PV modules are integrated into tiled roofs, on-roof mounting – where solar panels are installed on top of the existing roof and flat roof mounting – where PV modules are angled to face south. So whichever mounting you choose we have the right solar panel mounting kits for you.
View our full range of Ubbink products from solar panel mounting brackets to roof hooks, below.