Solar PV Kits and Packages

At Rexel, we have a range of Solar PV Kits and Solar Carports for you to choose from. 

Our online kit builder enables you to choose specific parts, sizes and tile types so that you can custom make Solar PV Systems for all types of roofing – from those with limited space to much larger builds. Use our online kit builder to order your customer build within minutes, safely and securely and at any time of day. Our solar PV kits can accommodate for Plain, Pan Tile and Slate roof tiles, and have a large choice of high quality products to choose from. You can even save your Solar PV builds for later before purchasing. 

With our three different sizes of Solar Carport, protective structures can be built for one or two vehicles, while also providing an efficient energy source and charging point for the home and user’s electric vehicle(s).

All of our Solar PV kits and packages are designed to allow custom builds for specific needs, ideal for customers with unique requirements.

For more information, contact our experts on 0845 218 6938.