Picture of a GE LED Energy Smart GU5.3 MR16 7w Lamp

GE LED Energy Smart GU5.3 MR16 7w Lamp

GE Lightings logo Part no. B2500669770
Product Code B2500669770

Product Overview


The 7W MR16 range had been developed to replace 35W & 50W equivalent MR16 halogen lamps and offers a high level of technical performance in the form of a halogen shaped LED lamp. Simple to change as it can be used with the existing ballasts and it offers an outstanding lumen package that ensures a relatively short payback period. GE LED MR16 lamps are all passive cooled, providing quiet operation without additional motorised fan.

Product Features

  • Improved compatibility (can be used with existing Halogen ballasts)
  • Outstanding 50;000 switch cycles 7W ~ 35W equivalent:
  • Lumens in 90 cone: from 345 to 400
  • 827; 830; 840 Colour Temperature 7W ~ 50W replacement:
  • Lumens in 90 cone: 440 to 475
  • 827; 830; 840 Colour Temperature
  • 15; 25; 35 degree Beam Angles
  • Dimmable
  • 25;000 hours life (L70)
  • Mercury free