Picture of a Rolec SecuriCharge

Rolec SecuriCharge

Rolecs logo Part no. B2500633292
Product Code B2500633292

Product Overview


EV: SecuriCharge is a heavy duty, vandal resistant
yet discrete wall mounted charging unit, designed
specifically for public and exposed locations.
This versatile unit charges via its IEC 62196 type 2
mode 3 charging socket(s), which are securely locked
away when not in use.
EV: SecuriCharge is available in two formats including
key switch-control or pay-to-charge via coin or token.
Ideal locations include hotels, car parks, offices,
factories, warehouses, restaurants, stadiums, leisure
centres, retail premises, etc

Product Features

  • Heavy duty discrete wall mounted charging unit
  • Available in black or grey (other colours available)
  • Secure lock-away charging socket
  • 16 amp or 32 amp type 2 mode 3 charging
  • 3.6kW/7.2kW/11kW/22kW charging options
  • Key switch control as standard
  • Built in electrical protection
  • Built in LED status Indicator
  • Optional pay-to-charge (P.A.Y.G.)
  • facility using either coin or token
  • Charge time availability screen(P.A.Y.G. only)