Picture of a Iskra MT174 MID Approved Three Phase CT Operated Meter

Iskra MT174 MID Approved Three Phase CT Operated Meter

{0}'s logo Part no. ISKRA MT174 CT
Product Code 2500979805

Product Overview


The MT174 electronic three-phase meters are designed for measurement and registration of active, reactive and apparent energy and demand in three-phase four-wire networks. They can be connected directly to the network. The metering and technical properties of the meters comply with the EN 50470-1 and -3 European standards for active energy meters, classes A and B, as well as with the IEC 62053- 21 and IEC 62052-11 international standards for electronic meters of active energy for classes 1 and 2, and optionally with the IEC 62053-23 international standard for electronic meters of reactive energy for classes 2 and 3.

Product Features

  • Multi-tariff c\w internal time switch
  • 5 Amp
  • (current transformers required)
  • OFGEM Approved
  • Import/Export Energy
  • Tariff control input
  • Small size modern design
  • Pulse output
  • Max Demand
  • Load Profile