Picture of a Wattstor 5/6 Hub 2 Lead Acid 5.76kWh Battery Kit

Wattstor 5/6 Hub 2 Lead Acid 5.76kWh Battery Kit

Wattstors logo Part no. WATTSTOR 5/6 HUB 2-LA
Product Code 2500956321

Product Overview


The Wattstor® is an energy storage and energy management system which 'banks' surplus renewable energy into batteries for use when it is needed, instead of feeding it back to the grid. Hub-2 solar PV battery storage system helps reduce bills by storing any unused generation into batteries. The power can then be called upon when generation is lower than consumption, reducing or even stopping energy being imported. The entire electricity supply goes through the inverter/charger meaning it can decide when to draw power from the grid and when to utilise the solar system or battery storage. The Wattstor® can be customised to fit individual needs and building requirements - domestic, commercial, industrial or agricultural - and can be installed with new, or incorporated into, existing renewable systems/installations. All Wattstor® systems are designed by experts in the industry and come with technical support.

Product Features

  • Connected Type: AC Coupled
  • Technology: Hub 2 Day / Night Functionality with Flat Plate Lead Acid
  • Nominal Capacity: 11.52kWh
  • Depth of Discharge: 50%
  • Batteries: 4 x Flat Gel Lead Acid 12V 240Ah
  • Usable Capacity: 5.76kWh
  • Continuous Output: 5000 watts
  • Warranty: Battery 2 years. Inverter Charger 5 Years
  • Life Cycle: > 1000 Cycles Battery Dimensions (per unit): 520mm (L) x 269mm (W) x 249mm (H)
  • Battery Weight (per unit): 74kg
  • Inverter Charger Dimensions: 328mm (W) x 240mm (D) x 444mm (H)
  • Inverter Charger Weight: 30kg