Picture of a SolaX 4.8 (3.85kWh Usable) Lithium Battery

SolaX 4.8 (3.85kWh Usable) Lithium Battery

Solax Powers logo Part no. SOLAXBAT4.8
Product Code 2500942099

Product Overview


SolaX Lithium Battery Solution is a 4.8kWh (3.85kWh Usable) Battery that offers a Slimline design. Compatible with X-Hybrid inverters and includes a 5 year Warranty.

Product Features

  • 4.8kWh Nominal Capacity
  • 3.85kWh Usable Capacity
  • 80% Depth of Discharge
  • Weight 46.5kg
  • 5 year Warranty
  • Expected Lifespan (80% DOD) > 4000 (10 Years)
  • Wall Mountable