Picture of a Schletter Slate Prefa Roof Hook

Schletter Slate Prefa Roof Hook

Schletters logo Part no. 102001-000
Product Code 2500922647

Product Overview


Starting from roof inclinations of 12 degrees, quite often Prefa roof coverings are the solution of choice. In order to make a safe, simple and cost-effi cient installation possible, Schletter offers the Prefa roof hook. The dimensionings were chosen in such a manner that the hook can be used with all available Prefa roof hooks. In order to even out roof-related height-differences, for example in case of new roof coverings, we can offer you the Prefa-Vario. A safe and evenly distributed load transmission is half the battle. Due to its contact area on the lower bar right above the rafter, the Prefa roof hook has an optimum structural load-bearing capacity without having many design-related bendings that would weaken the stability of the hook. The roof covering will not be damaged under load. Optionally, you can glue an EPDM sealing layer under the roof hooks. Thus, you can prevent any leakage problems caused be the screwing of the wood screws through the boarding into the rafter.

Product Features

  • Material: Quality Steel 1.4301| Optimum load transmission for roofs with Prefa shingle covering|