Picture of a ABB 5 year warranty extension ASSURE PRO33

ABB 5 year warranty extension ASSURE PRO33

ABBs logo Part no. EW-5-ASU-33.0
Product Code 2500893776

Product Overview


Extends the warranty from the standard factory warranty to that of ordered above. Please note that on purchase a member of our team will contact to obtain serial number and inverter description. Orders for warranties are non-cancellable. Warranties can only be ordered within six months of the Inverter being delivered

Product Features

  • In addition to the STANDARD warranty benefits the ASSURE warranty level provides customers in some installation countries with advance spare parts delivery. ABB will provide within their sole discretion new or completely reconditioned inverters.
  • The ASSURE warranty also provides the customer with reinstallation support through either (decision by ABB):
  • Payment of a fixed reimbursement amount paid to the installer based on geographic location and product
  • Dispatching an ABB certified technician to perform repairs or replacement of units / parts
  • Under the ASSURE warranty customers receive the needed parts in advance allowing single site visit for swap.
  • Access to the technical hotline for support and troubleshooting the security of replacement parts and labour is available at any time a warranty need arises The ASSURE warranty agreement from ABB includes all the attributes of the STANDARD warranty agreement with the added benefits of:
  • Advanced material replacement: typically ready to ship within 3 working days after ABB's authorization to replace defect material
  • Dispatching
  • labour and material freight costs are included