Picture of a SMAPPEE GW1 GAS & WATER MONITOR Smappee GW1 Gas & Water Monitor

SMAPPEE GW1 GAS & WATER MONITOR Smappee GW1 Gas & Water Monitor

Smappees logo Part no. GW1
Product Code 2500892468

Product Overview


The Smappee gas & water monitor measures your gas and water consumption. This can be done with a single monitor, provided that your gas and water meters are a maximum of two metres apart. You will be given a real-time view of the recorded data, together with the associated cost. Moreover, you will be warned of any abnormal consumption. Smappee is the first to offer a gas and water management system for domestic use; and it�s both technologically advanced and affordable.

Product Features

  • Contents of the box: 1 x Smappee gas & water monitor with 2 inputs 1 x optical sensor (cable length 1 m) 1 x magnetic sensor (cable length 1 m) 3 x self-adhesive mounts & 2 x batteries (2 x AA)
  • Monitors your real-time gas and/or water consumption
  • Helps you to save money on your energy bill
  • Leak alert for abnormal consumption
  • Simple to install with self-adhesive mounts
  • Free app and updates for iOS and Android included
  • Temperature and humidity sensor included
  • No subscription fees
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Does not work with digital meters