Picture of a SOLAX 5.0KW Hybrid Inverter SK-SU5000E

SOLAX 5.0KW Hybrid Inverter SK-SU5000E

Solax Powers logo Part no. SOLAX SK-SU5000E
Product Code 2500885481

Product Overview


The ground-breaking X-Hybrid is much more than just an inverter. It is an intelligent, integrated system that manages the energy you generate effectively and efficiently. The X-Hybrid works by storing surplus energy in batteries for later use. The Hybrid �E� also has built-in EPS (Emergency Power Supply) functionality, allowing the end user to make use of their stored energy in the event of a power outage. The �E� series can also work as a completely off-grid system. The SolaX X-Hybrid inverter can be supplied with a number of battery storage options, including the ZTE Extra2000 and LG RESU 6.4 EX. All battery options are fully compatible with the X-Hybrid range and are designed to work in harmony with the inverter, which has an in-built charge controller and BMU (Battery Management Unit).

Product Features

  • Dual MPP Tracker and wide MPPT Voltage range for more flexibility
  • G59/3 Compliant
  • Maximum DC input voltage of 580v
  • Max Charge / Discharge 2.5kW
  • Integrated Wifi
  • Maximise Self-Use
  • 10 year warranty
  • Addtional Change over switch required for EPS Functionality
  • Fully compatible with LG Chem 6.4Kwh & Extra2000 Lithium Battery.