Picture of a Winaico 310W PERC Mono Module - Black Frame

Winaico 310W PERC Mono Module - Black Frame

WINAICOs logo Part no. WSP-310M6
Product Code 2500885478

Product Overview


The WINAICO PERC modules set a new technological standard and are without competition. Using innovative backside passivation and selective emitter technology, the PERC module series combines highest efficiencies, increased performance at high temperatures and low light conditions along with the known longevity and quality of WINAICO. The module WSP-M6 PERC with external dimensions of 1665 x 999 x 40 mm has an astounding module efficiency of 18 %. The combination of high efficiency, optimized weak-light behavior and an improved weight of only 19.6 kg make this module the ideal product for roofs with a limited space.

Product Features

  • The 310W is WINAICOs latest PERC panel out of their Taiwanese production line. The monocrystalline 310M6 range is also available from 305W onwards offering an efficiency from 18 to 18.6%. WINAICO is currently the only manufacturer offering a wide range of PERC-technology products
  • 2 years of free insurance included
  • PERC Technology (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell) is a technique for back-side passivation of crystalline silicon PV cells. Both the emitter on the front of the cell and the base on the back side are largely passivated by electrical layers. The electrical passivation layers on the back lead to a significant increase in the passivation quality and internal reflection. The effective absorption length of light is improved and the efficiency of monocrystalline cells increases by up to 1 %.