Picture of a SMA Sunny Island 4.4kw Inverter On Grid

SMA Sunny Island 4.4kw Inverter On Grid

Sunny Islands logo Part no. SI4.4M-11 0130EN0
Product Code 2500872175

Product Overview


The Sunny Island 4.4M is the perfect product solution for stand-alone and grid-connected systems with a power output range of 2 to 13 kW. Furthermore, being a core element in the SMA Flexible Storage System, the Sunny Island stores generated solar power and works with the Sunny Home Manager to manage home energy consumption intelligently. With its high protection class, wide temperature range and overload capacity, the Sunny Island provides the kind of reliability needed for off-grid use. The intelligent load and energy management ensures operation even in critical situations, such as in the event of high inrush currents or harsh ambient conditions.

Product Features

  • For self-consumption and battery backup systems in on-grid and off-grid applications
  • All lead-acid and many lithium-ion batteries can be used
  • Maximum efficiency of up to 95.3%
  • Easy and fast installation and commissioning
  • Ideal for retrofits or modular expansions of single phase and three phase systems
  • Long battery service life thanks to intelligent battery management