Picture of a PowerDiverter PD1C PV Water Heating Controller

PowerDiverter PD1C PV Water Heating Controller

Power Diverters logo Part no. PD1C
Product Code 2500866352

Product Overview


The PowerDiverter is the easiest and most reliable immersion controller on the market. With the ability to automatically divert excess power from solar PV to most immersion heaters using its intelligent variable power controller to provide FREE HOT WATER! The PowerDiverter uses custom made wireless technology making this product one of the easiest to install on the market. Years of experience within the solar PV industry has been key to the design and functionality of this product and will maximise your return on investment. We believe the best things in life are made simple. The PowerDiverter has only one button which allows you to boost to full power giving you hot water on demand. Once the water is up to temperature the PowerDiverter will automatically return back to auto mode.

Product Features

  • The quickest on the market to install (less than 20 minutes)|Includes an EMC filter to prevent interference with other appliances (other diverters have none)|A mains connection AND 2 year life battery option|Better quality build and reliability|Three year warranty|Easy boost function|New wireless battery or mains sensor unit|Can be installed within 20 minutes|Free hot water using your existing immersion heater and solar panels|Save up to �300 extra on your annual energy bills|Fully Compliant with British Standards|Can be fitted to new or existing Solar PV system|Easy Boost button for hot water on demand|Use up to 100% of the excess power being generated|No plumbing required|Will not affect your Feed In Tariff (FiT) rates or payments|Patented Wireless technology (no additional wiring required)|Variable Power Control that delivers free energy in all weather conditions|Designed and built in the UK|