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Energeasy Drive Marketing Collateral

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Product Overview


Rexel has created seven pieces of marketing collateral which you can use to help target specific market sectors, in order to win new business for electric vehicle charging points. For example, you can use the collateral on your website or as part of your own email campaigns. The collateral is available in a PDF format and can be ordered by Energeasy Drive members only. All seven pieces of collateral will be branded with your company name, logo and contact details (email, phone & Twitter handle). Once we receive your order, we will contact you in order to confirm your contact details and obtain your logo. To see an example of the collateral, log onto the Energeasy Drive installer website and click on Marketing Toolkit.

Product Features

  • The range of collateral targets the following market sectors: |Commercial buildings & offices|ar parks|Hotels & guest houses|Residential apartments|Restaurants|Domestic houses|Any new EVC business (generic)|Learn more at www.energeasy-drive.co.uk|