Picture of a Zeversolar Zeverlution-3000S 1kw 1PH Invterer

Zeversolar Zeverlution-3000S 1kw 1PH Invterer

Zeversolars logo Part no. 3000S
Product Code 2500851497

Product Overview


The Zeverlution inverter generation combines all aspects of our beliefs into simple, reliable and affordable PV inverters. By introducing a patented inverter topology we used less power electronic components for further increased reliability. At the same time we have reduced the weight of the inverter by nearly 50%, making it even simpler to install and use. An increased efficiency of 97.5% makes the use of PV systems even more affordable. Furthermore you can retrofit Ethernet and Wi-Fi communication, whenever you want, our Zeverlution series.

Product Features

  • Extremely lightweight with only 7.3kg|SUNCLIX connectors for tool-less DC wiring|Higher power yield with efficiency of 97.5%|Extremely quiet with only 15dB noise|Higher operating altitude up to 3000m without de-rating|Optional and retro-fitable integrated Ethernet and Wi-Fi communication|Support remote firmware update|