Picture of a EV-Box BusinessLine Hub Pole/Wall Mounted Single 16amp Type 1 Spiral Lead without cover

EV-Box BusinessLine Hub Pole/Wall Mounted Single 16amp Type 1 Spiral Lead without cover

EV-Boxs logo Part no. B1160-10091
Product Code 2500837485

Product Overview


The BusinessLine is the perfect partner for all of your professional charging needs. It comes equipped with one or two type 2 charging sockets, kWh meter(s), RFID reader(s), and GPS/GSM/GPRS controllers with SIM cards. Our recognizable LED-rings provide immediate insight into the status of the station and charging session. The cover is made from specially designed Bayer Bayblend (polycarbonate), which offers both durability as well as optimal heat distribution, available in 6 standard colours, custom-branding is possible. Charging stations from EV-Box are equipped with modems that allow remote diagnostics and maintenance, firmware updates, and communication between Hubs and Satellites. Load Balancing, Peak Shaving, usage, tariffs, and costs can be registered and managed via the BackOffice. You can rest assured that your charging station will always be ready when you are!

Product Features

  • BusinessLine with Single 16amp (3.7 kW) Type 1 J1772 Spiral Cable
  • Hub (one modem / one lead)
  • kWh meter (MID)
  • RFID Reader
  • GPS/GSM controller & sim card
  • Charging unit is online in the BackOffice and the firmware can be upgraded remotely if required
  • Possibilities with online subscriptions for Online insights into energy usage / LED ring dimmable or via time switch / Usage tracking and automatic settlement of charging costs / Guest usage: customizable charging tariffs / Selection of 3 monthly subscriptions / Private label possible
  • BusinessLine Cover MUST be ordered as a seperate item/s in a choice of 6 standard colours.