Picture of a Herschel ThermoDry 2600W 4 Element Far IR Heater

Herschel ThermoDry 2600W 4 Element Far IR Heater

Herschels logo Part no. HT-2600W
Product Code 2500823372

Product Overview


The ThermoDry is a portable heater designed for applications such as flood recovery, environment control of buildings and construction finishing processes requiring the application of steady, non-scorching, radiant heat. The unit is also ideal for semi open-air venues such as marquees, where it emits steady heat without the fumes, safety and cost implications of gas blowers popularly used in public events. The ThermoDry consists of 4 high-emission ceramic heating elements mounted in a directional, reflective unit within a stainless steel chassis incorporating a trolley and handle for easy manoeuvring. Infrared heat is emitted from the hot surface of the ceramic heaters and warms items it touches, without heating the air in between. As soon as the heater is switched on the ceramic elements start to warm up and full operating temperature is achieved in 6-7 minutes. The ThermoDry is unequalled in this class of portable, high-emission heaters:$ All energy input is emitted as heat. There is no forced convection (which you would experience from a gas heater) and there is no light (which you would experience from a quartz/halogen heater)$ The heat is non-scorching (which you would experience from a Quartz/Halogen solution)$ This is the only heater in its class you can leave unattended (untrue for Gas and Quartz/Halogen)$ Power consumption is the lowest in its class (beating Gas and Quartz Halogen)$ Ceramic emitters are the most reliable on the market. We guarantee the units for 5 years and life-expectancy of emitters can be as long as 10 years. There is no annual maintenance (required for Gas) or replacement of quartz / halogen bulbs (often required every 6 months or so)$ All these factors make the ThermoDry a more cost-effective, reliable and safer option than any other heater in its category to operate in public places or to leave running un-attended.

Product Features

  • Element: 4 x White ceramic Infrared emitters (2-10 microns)|Body: Stainless Steel body
  • with built-in trolley and handle|Voltage: 230V
  • 50 Hz|Protection: IPX4|Guarantee: 5 years|