Picture of a Herschel Pulsar 2400W Black Far IR Heater

Herschel Pulsar 2400W Black Far IR Heater

Herschels logo Part no. IRPULSAR-2400B
Product Code 2500823370

Product Overview


The Pulsar is a ceiling-mounted infrared heaters designed for high ceiling installations / large spaces in constant use. Its striking appearance and heat efficiency make Pulsar ideal for heating public spaces in commercial areas, shops, showrooms, sports facilities and public halls where it will be in the public eye. When installed in combination with modern control systems that turn the heating on just before it is required and off when you leave (or actually just before) Pulsar has successfully delivered significant cost-savings to clients compared with their existing systems (please inquire for case studies). Each Pulsar unit produces effective comfortable levels of heat for very low wattage. Due to the perfect radiant properties of the Pulsar design and the low wattage required by the ceramic elements to raise the surface temperature of the unit to 200°C, the 1800 – 2400 W Infrared in the Pulsar is adequate to heat a floorspace of 15m2 (1800W) and 20m2 (2400W) from a height of 2.8m. You would require at least 4000W from a Quartz heater or up to 12kW from a gas heater to achieve an equivalent comfort effect. They are consequently vastly cheaper to run than hot air or gas-burning “space ray” heating systems or other forms of electric heating often used in these environments. But there are additional benefits: As there are no exhaust emissions there is no requirement for planning$ They operate silently and without fumes – consequently raising no health and safety issues$ Installation is much cheaper than oil or gas alternatives – all you require is electric cable$ No maintenance. You do not have to maintain an infrared heater once installed$ You can “focus” the heat exactly to where you want it – because there is no convection of heat, none is wasted blowing into areas it is not wanted$ Far Infrared has been shown to have positive effects on metabolism, being the waveband at which water (80% constituent of skin) most effectively absorbs heat$ The Pulsar can be used anywhere there is a requirement to heat a large space and where the heaters themselves can be placed well out of reach. So workplaces like workshops, industrial or commercial units, warehouses etc make ideal locations for heaters of this sort.

Product Features

  • Surface: Black enamelled steel| Heating element: Ceramic heating elements|Voltage: 230 Volt
  • 50 Hz (Power supply must not exceed 245 volts as this will void the warranty)|Electromagnetic tolerance: Low emission|Protection class: IP 20 Installation)|Certificates and Reports: CE|Guarantee: 5 Years|Colours: Black (2400 Watts)|Installation: Hanging System: This unit is for ceiling mounting only and must be installed beyond the reach of people due to the high surface temperature|Heated Zone: 20m2 (2400W)|The heater will directly warm people and objects within the Heated Zone (note: air movement may reduce area coverage). Within enclosed areas the thermal mass of the building will also be heated. This will increase the ambient temperature and dependent upon the property age/type and insulation
  • may increase the effective heated area by up to 100%. For larger commercial projects or where different mounting heights are required we would always recommend Herschel carry out a survey or detailed desktop assessment.