Picture of a Nedap PowerRouter 3-Phase Sensor

Nedap PowerRouter 3-Phase Sensor

Nedaps logo Part no. PRA3SENSE
Product Code 2500818668

Product Overview


The PowerRouter is a unique technological solution for making more intelligent use of solar energy at home around the clock.Even if the sun isnt shining.Using the PowerRouter principle. Consisting of a new generation of PV inverters and innovative battery managers combined in a single unit, the intelligent system optimises self-consumption of your solar energy. It manages the energy balance using self-generated solar energy and stores any energy not consumed immediately in batteries for later use. Optimising self-consumption by up to 70%.

Product Features

  • Nedap Single 3 Phase Sensor
  • very easy to install
  • monitor all three phases of your home network
  • optimize your own consumption and use your monitoring system optimally