Picture of a Evolt Mode 4 Advanced Rapid Charger Dual 50kW CCS & CHAdeMO Lead

Evolt Mode 4 Advanced Rapid Charger Dual 50kW CCS & CHAdeMO Lead

Evolts logo Part no. EV-QP2
Product Code 2500802821

Product Overview


Advanced Rapid charger with dual 50kW tethered leads, 1x CCS Combo and 1x CHAdeMO with two remote EV-QPM power modules. The Evolt rapid charging stations are the fastest way of charging today's electric vehicles. The innovative unique design offers a power module that is separate from the user interface post. This enables a rapid charging point to be installed in an area of restricted size. the design offers a user friendly interface, which is vandal proof and easy to install. Communication with the back office system is done via ethernet cable or 3G modem, enabling remote diagnostic and repair to take place. The Advanced version has been adapted with the latest communications protocols OCPP and XML.

Product Features

  • Dual 50kW CCS Combo and CHAdeMO Advanced Rapid charger with two remote power modules
  • LCD Screen
  • Start/Stop and Emergency Stop buttons
  • Light indicator for charging status
  • RFID Identification and Pre-Payment
  • Separate power module and user interfaace post
  • IK10 Vandal-proof polyurethane casing
  • Overcurrent and earth leakage protection
  • OCPP Protocol communication.