Picture of a Zeversolar Zeverlution SE 3kW 1PH Inverter

Zeversolar Zeverlution SE 3kW 1PH Inverter

Zeversolars logo Part no. ZEVERLUTION-3000SE
Product Code 2500786703

Product Overview


The Zeversolar Zeverlution SE 3kW 1PH Inverter combines all aspects of our beliefs into a simple, reliable and affordable PV inverter. By introducing a patented inverter topology we used less power electronic components for further increased reliability. At the same time we have reduced the weight of the inverter by nearly 50%, making it even simpler to install and use. An increased efficiency of 97.8% makes the use of PV systems even more affordable.

Product Features

  • Extremely lightweight with only 7.3 kg
  • Compact design with IP65 casing for outdoor use
  • Sunclix connectors for toolless DC wiring
  • Higher power yield with efficiency of 97.8%
  • Compatible with smart modules and DC optimizers
  • Optional and retrofitable integrated Ethernet and Wi-Fi communication