Picture of a Huawei Sun2000-12KTL 12KW 3ph Transformerless Inverter

Huawei Sun2000-12KTL 12KW 3ph Transformerless Inverter

Huaweis logo Part no. SUN2000-12KTL
Product Code 2500706308

Product Overview


SUN2000 series of products uses three-level circuit topology, the maximum efficiency up to 98.6%, Photon test result is A+/A+ at both of high irradiation and medium irradiation. The three MPPT is adaptable and flexible for building roof-top PV plant design to improve system yields. DC&AC lightning protection module integrated and natural cooling effectively improve product reliability. It's a real quiet inverter with noise 29dB. This series of products meets Germany BDEW MV directive and VDE AR N 4105 LV directive, CE Low Voltage Directive and the Directive for Electromagnetic Compatibility, Italy Enel-GUIDA and CEI 0-21 certification, as well as China Golden Sun certification. It has good environment adaptability and can be used for various scenarios covering from 8kW to Megawatts, either rooftop or ground mounted power plants.

Product Features

  • Maximum of 3 MPPT for versatile adaption to different module
  • types or quantities built up with different alignments
  • Up to 6 strings intelligent monitoring and fault detection
  • RS 485 and USB ports for connectivity and data management
  • Local graphic LCD and remote monitoring
  • SUN2000-20KTL Photon test result: A+/A+ at medium and
  • high irradiation
  • Maximum efficiency 98.6%
  • European efficiency 98.3%
  • Type DC and AC surge protection devices integrated
  • Noise 29dB
  • Class-B electromagnetic radiation
  • RCD protection function
  • Warranty up to 25 years
  • No need of external fan with natural cooling technology
  • Outdoor application of IP65