Picture of a ENERGENO Optismart Hot Water

ENERGENO Optismart Hot Water

Energenos logo Part no. OSHW-NLEN-UK
Product Code 2500699171

Product Overview


Optismart Hot Water is the perfect solution for both free hot water and in-home monitoring. It comprises a new-look Optimmersion and a Wattson Solar Plus display in a cost effective solution that is also quicker to install than buying them separately. The Wattson display included has an extra mode showing diverted power. Please see the dedicated Optimmersion & Wattson Solar Plus pages for more info, briefly: Optimmersion makes use of surplus generated electricity to give free hot water. It diverts power to the immersion heater proportionally, starting at a surplus of just 50W - much lower than the 200W+ required by its competitors, making it much more effective during the winter when needed most. It now has a large 5 touch-screen display & self-calibrates for ease of use & install. Wattson Solar Plus makes it simple for everyone to see when they have free electricity by glowing green and shows how much more power could be used for free in big bright numbers. Wattson glows blue when importing a small amount of power and gets redder and redder the more they are buying in. It also shows the cost of powering the home so they can make better informed decisions to bring their bills down. Providing a Wattson helps customers see the benefits of their PV, increasing their satisfaction and giving them something tangible to show their friends, driving word-of-mouth sales. The transmitter in the Optimmersion sends data to the Wattson, removing a large portion of the parts supplied when Wattson is bought separately, making Optismart Hot Water cheaper and also quicker to install. Wattson also becomes more accurate as Optimmersion measures voltage too and sends data more frequently.

Product Features

  • All the benefits of the new-look Optimmersion
  • including:
  • Wireless link gives standardised
  • repeatable & fast installation
  • 5 touch-screen colour display shows generation
  • usage
  • import/export and diverted power
  • Mains powered
  • giving fast reactions to changing conditions so starts at just 50W surplus - no need for a large 200W+ surplus and no batteries to change
  • 1hr boost plus multiple timers allowing for use of off-peak periods activated with a single touch
  • All the benefits of Wattson Solar Plus too
  • Cheaper and quicker to install than buying separately
  • More accurate than a standalone Wattson as Optimmersion measures voltage too and sends updates every second