Picture of a Chargemaster Commerical Data costs for 3 years

Chargemaster Commerical Data costs for 3 years

Chargemasters logo Part no. DATA FEES (NON POLAR)
Product Code 2500698069

Product Overview


36 Months subscription payable in advance. Includes: Data Connection via GPRS, Real time control and status reporting, Event logging of access and charging, Remote reboot and problem solving, Remote software upgrade capability, Client web access to Chargevision via secure login, Remote monitoring, Interactive map showing post location and availability, This contract will automatically be renewed for 12 months on expiry of initial term or renewed term unless cancelled in writing 3 months prior to expiry of the initial or renewed term. This contract is required for the operation of the Charge Point

Product Features

  • Chargemaster Data Management fees to provide users will full reporting functionality across single of multiple chargepoints across a single location or multi-site locations across an organisations estate