Picture of a Fronius Galvo 1.5kW 1ph Inverter

Fronius Galvo 1.5kW 1ph Inverter

Froniuss logo Part no. 4.200.011
Product Code 2500687774

Product Overview

Product Features

  • Max.input current (Idc max) 13.3A|Max. array short circuit current 20.0A|Min.input voltage (Udc min) 120V|Feed-in start voltage (Udc start) 140 V|Nominal input voltage (Udc.r) 260 V|Max. input voltage (Udc max) 420 V|MPP voltage range (Umpp min- Umpp max) 120 - 335 V|Number of MPP trackers 1|Number of DC connections 3|AC nominal output (Pac.r) 1.500 W|Max. output power 1.500 VA|Max. output current (Iac max) 7.2A|Grid connection (voltage range) 1~NPE 230 V (+17% / 20 %)|Frequency (frequency range) 50 Hz / 60 Hz (45 - 65 Hz)|Total harmonic distortion <4 %|Power factor 0.85 - 1 ind. / cap.|DC insulation measurement Warning / shutdown (depending on country setup) at Riso < k?|Overload behavior Operating point shift. Power limitation|DC circuit breaker Included