Picture of a Solarworld Sunplug & Play 3.6kW Transformerless 1 Phase Inverter

Solarworld Sunplug & Play 3.6kW Transformerless 1 Phase Inverter

Solarworlds logo Part no. WR0803
Product Code 2500686619

Product Overview


The Sunplug inverters are a well-chosen portfolio for SolarWorld Kits to power your home. The power classes are matched for solar systems from 5 to 16 Sunmodules and the high efficiency and an intelligent shadow management will maximize your daily yields of valuable solar energy. The inverters have a fast start-up at the first sunlight and operate reliable throughout the day. A guided menu, the light weight and plug and play connectors will easy the installation markedly. This, combined with an integrated data logger, will save you costs upfront. The inner design - constructed for a long lifetime of each component - will pay out in the long run: Quality """"Made in Germany"""". With the direct connection to the SolarWorld Suntrol Portal you will have a clear overview of your solar power systems data and you can efficiently monitor the systems performance. Either on-the-go on your smartphone or conveniently via the Internet portal.