Picture of a Marflow Filterball 28mm Isolation Valve And 40 Mesh Strainer Unit

Marflow Filterball 28mm Isolation Valve And 40 Mesh Strainer Unit

Marflow Hydronicss logo Part no. FB5108
Product Code 2500682064

Product Overview


Marflow Hydronics’ unique Filterball® is a compact combined isolation valve and strainer unit.The in-built strainer screen removes the need for separate isolating valves up and downstream of traditional Y strainers, reducing capital and installation costs over traditional strainers and isolating valves used in these systems.The 700 micron, 28 mesh stainless steel strainer screen is encapsulated within the ball and can be easily accessed for cleaning or maintenance through the side port of the valve, when the ball is in the isolation mode.  The screen is manufactured in high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel for extra durability and excellent resistance to corrosion.The body, ball, stem and nut of the Filterball®are manufactured in high quality DZR brass to BS2872 & 2874 CA132, thus avoiding any potential issues with dezincification or stress corrosion cracking when used in chilled water systems.Available in sizes 15mm (1/2”) to 50mm (2”) and rated for 20 bar working pressure (PN20), the valve is suitable for working temperatures from -10°C up to 120°C due to the use of high temperature Viton stem seals.All ball valve spindles are assembled from inside the valve to prevent blow out, but additionally two Viton stem seals are used in conjunction with a PTFE packing gland to give triple sealed blow out stem protection.The two-piece body has a double connection seal for added security as a sealant is applied to the precision metal-to-metal seal between the body and the end piece.Versatile and compact, the Filterball® can be installed in any horizontal position as well as in vertical installations, providing the directional arrow on the body is pointing downwards.As long as the direction of flow is in line with the stamped arrow on the body, then the valve will operate as intended and designed.

Product Features

  • DZR Body ball stem and nut
  • Strainer easily inspected and removed for flushing
  • High quality 40 Mesh filter
  • Lower head loss than traditional Y Pattern strainers
  • Less weight and space
  • single unit