Picture of a Wattson Classic Energy Monitor

Wattson Classic Energy Monitor

Wattsons logo Part no. WFP1-WHEN-UK
Product Code 2500681221

Product Overview


The simple energy monitor helping you to understand and reduce your electricity usage.
Wattson helps you save money on your electricity bills.

It is the only personal energy monitor that encourages the whole family to take interest in saving electricity with its easy to read display and unique coloured light system. Wattson glows blue when you save money!

Wattson comes with software, Holmes, that lets you track your electricity spending and connects to an online community so you can share your data with your friends.

Wattson Classic owners report that they save on average 20% on their domestic electricity bills.
- Changes colour based on your average electricity usage.

- The simplest way of understanding energy usage at home.
- Easy & safe to install, works within minutes.
- Helps you control your household energy bills.
- Helps you do your bit for the Environment.

- Watson Energy Meter
- Watson Sensor

- The display unit is: 105mm X 170mm x 55mm
- The transmitter is: 110mm x 84 mm x 26 mm
- The complete package weighs 1kg, the display unit weighs 400gms

Product Features

  • Watson Energy Meter
  • Watson Sensor