Picture of a GWE Eco-Max-Commercial 160A Voltage Optimiser Adv

GWE Eco-Max-Commercial 160A Voltage Optimiser Adv

GW Energys logo Part no. EMC160i
Product Code 2500681218

Product Overview


ECO-MAX-COMMERCIAL is the smart new way for businesses to reduce their electricity bills 24hrs/day, 7days/week. It carefully uses a technique called Voltage Optimisation which reduces your voltage to around 220 Volts, reducing your energy consumption and carbon footprint, saving you money, and extending the life span of your electrical appliances.

Advances in technology have allowed us to shrink our very successful ECO-MAX-POWER optimiser range, which have been reducing the bills of large businesses since 2002, into a smaller cost effective package.

ECO-MAX-COMMERCIAL is suitable for use in a variety of businesses, including most commercial and light industrial applications with three phase electricity supplies.

ECO-MAX-COMMERCIAL is available in a range of off the shelf sizes from 100 Amp to 400 Amp to suit most SME business supply sizes. All are continually fully rated and housed in floor standing enclosures that can beconfigured for left, right or front cable entry.

EMCi, offers an impressive range of unique features to provide enhanced flexibility and usability for both installer and end user. For instance there is a choice of three savings settings, which allow the installer to select the optimum voltage for your business. In addition to this, our unique BrownOut low voltage seamless Inhibit feature ensures that your optimised voltage is never too low.
Multifunctional input metering, output voltage and status indication are also provided as standard. Another unique feature is the ability to instantly demonstrate the energy saving by simply tuning a key switch to trigger the seamless inhibit feature, allowing you to monitor the energy consumption both “with and without ECO-MAX-COMMERCIAL optimising.

Product Features

  • Continually rated
  • three adjustable savings settings
  • brown out under voltage inhibit
  • input metering V/kW/kWhours/volts
  • over temprature LED and sounder
  • 5 year guarantee