Picture of a Jaga Knockonwood DBE Radiator 550X1200Mm Type 11 Nat Oak

Jaga Knockonwood DBE Radiator 550X1200Mm Type 11 Nat Oak

Jagas logo Part no. KNOW.05512011.700/DBE
Product Code 2500679010

Product Overview


Works efficiently even with low flow temperature heating systems
Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE) technology for even greater power and efficiency
Jaga's Low-H2O technology cuts carbon emissions by 10%
The wooden Knockonwood radiator brings elegance and a powerful heat output to any home or office. This is a high performance heater, also available with the super-powered Twin heat exchangers. The wooden covers are finished with scratch-resistance varnish and are available in a variety of wood effects. All valves and connections are concealed within the casing and so the Knockonwood acts as a stylish feature to the room.

Thermostatic valve set for easy connection
All Jaga connection sets are adjustable and completely lockable
Casings can be removed for decoration without the need to drain the system

Product Features

  • 550mm x 1200mm
  • Natural Oak