Picture of a OWL Intuition-C TSE220-101 Combi Boiler Controls

OWL Intuition-C TSE220-101 Combi Boiler Controls

Owls logo Part no. TSE220-101
Product Code 2500671369

Product Overview


Web dashboard�� at last a simple interface for your heating control that is a pleasure to use � from anywhere in the world!,Stylish wireless Room Sensor�� battery powered, digital technology with three simple push-buttons for essential heating controls.,Weather compensated heating control�� uses Internet sourced weather data to dynamically optimise heating start and end times.,iPhone and Android Apps�� live status information and remote control. Tell your heating you are going to be late home!,OWL Intelligent Cloud�� intuitively learns about your home and energy usage and will help you ensure that your settings are optimised therefore conserving energy without sacrificing comfort.,Historic data graphs�� view your historic room temperature data graphically.,Easy installation�� suitable for retrofit and new build. OWL Intuition-c will work with 99% of the UK�s single zone, single room wired thermostat gas boilers. The Room Sensor mounts onto a back plate (supplied) to ensure rapid installation by a competent DIY�er (professional installation recommended),Over air software upgrade�- system is easily upgradable to provide access to future features and services.�

Product Features

  • The OWL Intuition-C TSE220-101 Combi Boiler Controls consists of two main parts. The�Network OWL�gateway simply plugs into your existing router and links with the�Room Sensor. The stylish simple Room Sensor simply replaces your existing thermostat. It has advanced digital temperature sensing and provides three simple push-buttons for the essential heating controls. It is battery powered and uses the existing wiring connections back to your boiler. If wiring does not currently exist between the boiler and the desired Room Sensor location (hall or lounge) then an�OWL Intuition-cw�will be required. This provides an additional Relay Unit which should be wired directly to and located next to the boiler.�