Picture of a OWL Intuition-H TSE220-120 Regular Boiler Controls

OWL Intuition-H TSE220-120 Regular Boiler Controls

Owls logo Part no. TSE220-120
Product Code 2500671361

Product Overview


Intuition-h consists of three main parts. The Network OWL gateway plugs into your existing broadband router and wirelessly links with the Room Sensor and Tank Sensor. The stylish simple Room Sensor simply replaces your existing room thermostat. It has advanced digital temperature sensing and provides three simple push-buttons for the essential heating controls. It is battery powered and uses the existing wiring connections back to your boile. The Tank Sensor replaces the existing hot water controller on your hot water tank, and is compatible with almost all UK hot water tank systems. This sensor's temperature probe monitors the temperature of your hot water, and will control heating of it to maintain the levels your system needs - all controllable through the web dashboard the Intuition system provides. Web dashboard at last a simple interface for your heating control that is a pleasure to use from anywhere in the world!,Stylish wireless Room Sensor battery powered, digital technology with three simple push-buttons for essential heating controls. Time Clock - heating time clock supports up to 10 Comfort periods for each day. The hot water supports up to 5 heating periods per day with configurable hot water temperatures. Easy installation suitable for retrofit and new build. OWL Intuition-h will work with almost all of the UK s gas boilers with an indirect hot water tank.