Picture of a OWL Intuition-CW Relay Unit

OWL Intuition-CW Relay Unit

Owls logo Part no. TSE220-021
Product Code 2500671359

Product Overview


OWL Smart Heating Controls use the OWL Intuition web dashboard to display the heating system status and to programme and control it, on any web enabled device.� This is a massive advantage over conventional systems in a number of ways.� The time clock is essentially an on line calendar that is very simple indeed to setup.� Different heating patterns over different days are easily set up and fine tuned, copying patterns to different days takes the chore out of set up, holiday dates ensure the system is not running when you are away if you don't want it to be.

Product Features

  • Removes the requirement for wiring between your boiler and room sensor
  • Can be linked to multiple Room Sensors and/or Tank Sensors - with a maximum of four devices.