Picture of a Itron CFECHO25 1

Itron CFECHO25 1"" Qmax 7M3/Hr Integrator & Heat Meter

itrons logo Part no. CFECHO25-7
Product Code 2500671344

Product Overview


Ultrasonic Compact Heat and Cooling Meter, qp 0.6-15 m3/h

The CF ECHO II is the compact meter of Itron’s CF Heat and Cooling meter family equipped with ultrasonic fl ow meter. Electronic data processing gives high precision throughout the entire measurement curve, producing a dynamic range exceeding class C. Flows can be measured from qp 0.6 to qp 15 m3/h (DN15 to DN50) with reliable and stable accuracy.

Thanks to a complete portfolio of body variants of every size, the CF ECHO II meters are very flexible in use. All hydraulic bodies carry a flanked design helping meter installation.

Features and Benefits

- High metrology
- Advanced functions
- Ease of installation
- Easy reading
- Pre-equipped for communication

Heating, Cooling and Combined, return and supply positioning, horizontal or vertical.

- Accurate measurement of high and low flows
- Easy reading,
- Pre-equipped for communication.

Standards compliance
- MID 2004/22/EC Module B+D
- Class 2.0 acc. EN 1434
- Env. Class C acc. EN 1434
- OIML R75
- PTB Class C
- SP Test ? -2%
- PED compliant

advanced functions The CF ECHO II provides a number of advanced functions such as data-logging for complex network analysis, double tariff for further billing choices, peak recording and ots more, which are powerful diagnostic aids for network management.All available data are presented on the highly ergonomic and multifunctional display.

communication Device
The plug and play communication boards open the way for data collection through various reading systems.

Product Features

  • Length -1” 25mm with unions
  • Min Flowlitres/hr -25
  • Norm Flow m3/hr -2.5
  • Max Flow m3/hr -5