Picture of a OWL + TSE004-001 USB Wireless Monitor

OWL + TSE004-001 USB Wireless Monitor

Owls logo Part no. TSE004-001
Product Code 2500671125

Product Overview


Allows monitoring of live consumption for the property.,Access to historical and average readings for up to 2 years on the monitor via a ""History"" function.,Supports multiple tariffs.,Simple installation and set up - doesn't require an electrician.,Displays greenhouse gas impact, date and time as well as energy usage and cost.

Product Features

  • The OWL + TSE004-001 USB Wireless Monitor is a home energy monitor with a difference. The built in USB connector allows you to connect the monitor to a laptop and download your energy usage data
  • you can then view the information using easy to interpret graphs and graphics to give you a better understanding of your energy use. It also come with a Standing Monitor with USB Socket for ease of use.