Picture of a Schletter Singlefix-H With Seal

Schletter Singlefix-H With Seal

Schletters logo Part no. 113010-001
Product Code 2500669754

Product Overview


Schletter SingleFix-H
Mounting System With Seal

The fastening system for self-supporting trapezoidal sheet metal roofs and sandwich elements - now even simpler and quicker!
- suitable for all current trapezoidal sheet metal roofs
- structurally optimized by lateral screwing
- can be fastened quickly
- Structural analysis of the system
- minimum costs for material

Self-supporting trapezoidal sheet metal roofs in many cases do not allow for a connection of fastening systems to the substructure, but often have a sufficient load-bearing capacity for quick and simple direct fastening. Especially sandwich elements in most cases are sufficiently stable in the upper boarding, but do not allow for roof penetrations with fastening elements, as this would cause condensation centers.

Schletter SingleFix-H is an unrivaled simple, material-minimizing, and swift fastening option for such cases.

Schletter SingleFix-H is a safe fastening option for vertical module mounting with minimized material utilization. The system is also especially suitable to complete modules fields with individual modules in horizontal mounting.

Schletter SingleFix-H has a structural analysis for the complete system and utilizes screws with design approval and verified holding forces. Clearly arranged charts will enable you to see at a glance how to arrange the fastening elements and what loads are permissible!