Picture of a Schletter Singlefix-V Solo Mounting Kit

Schletter Singlefix-V Solo Mounting Kit

Schletters logo Part no. 113009-200
Product Code 2500669752

Product Overview


Schletter SingleFix-V Solo mounting kit
The universal fastening system for selfsupporting trapezoidal sheet metal roofs and sandwich elements - now even simpler and quicker!

- suitable for all current trapezoidal sheet metal roofs
- structurally optimized by lateral fastening
- can be fastened quickly
- validated system structural analysis
- only requires minimal storage space
- minimal costs for material

In many cases, self-supporting trapezoidal sheet metal roofs do not allow for a connection of fastening systems to the substructure, but often have a sufficient load-bearing capacity for quick and simple direct fastening. In most cases, sandwich elements provide sufficient stability in the upper deck, but do not allow any roof penetration with fastening elements as this can lead to an accumulation of condensation. SingleFix-V is an unrivalled simple and swift fastening option that only requires little material.

Schletter SingleFix-V is a safe fastening option for vertical module fastening and only requires minimal material. SingleFix-V can be referenced in the system structural analysis. Approved types of screws and verified fastening forces are utilized. The arrangement of fastening elements and their respective approved loads can be referenced in well arranged charts. When assembling the SingleFix-V system, make sure to place the mounting kits correctly and observe the fastening points specified by the module manufacturer.

Product Features

  • Material
    - Fastening components: Quality steel 1.4301
    - Screws: High-grade steel
    - Cross beam: Aluminium
    - Gaskets: EPDM

  • Kit Contains
    - 2 x SingleFix-V elements
    - 4 x self-drilling screws
    - 1 x module bearing profile Solo 05 (length 450mm)