Picture of a Schletter Fixz-7 System Top Rail - 6M

Schletter Fixz-7 System Top Rail - 6M

Schletters logo Part no. 121001-006
Product Code 2500669738

Product Overview


Schletter Fixz-7 System 6m Top Rail

The optimum additional elevation for flatly inclined trapezoidal sheet metal roofs
- Quick and easy mounting
- Better rear airing
- Better self-cleaning
- Optimum load transmission into the roof cladding

In case of flat trapezoidal sheet metal roofs with inclinations of less than 10 degrees, a mounting parallel to the roof is not the best solution, because of the low yields and the insuffi cient selfcleaning of the modules. But in many cases, a normal elevation with supporting stands is not economic or structurally not possible due to the heavier loads. Quite often, only low elevation angles are desired respectively feasible. Schletter FixZ-7 offers a simple and inexpensive additional elevation for these problem cases.

Application information

Please consider that the system is designed for module heights from about 1.3 m up to 1.7 m and setting angles from 5 7 degrees
For technical reasons, FixZ-7 is only suitable for vertical mounting of framed modules. However, a horizontal mounting with linear support and linear clamping is also possible up to a module width of 850 mm.
The position of the clamping spots should be within the range of 1/4-1/5 of the module height (respectively according to manufacturer information).
Moreover, there must be minimum distances of 1.5 m to the lateral roof edges, and distances of 1.2 m to both the north and the south roof edge.

Product Features

  • For flatly inclined trapezoidal sheet metal roofs
  • 6m
  • Top Rail
  • Klick Grove M8 at top of rail
  • Screw Channel M10 at bottom of rail