Picture of a Schletter Fix2000 Klicktop With Seal

Schletter Fix2000 Klicktop With Seal

Schletters logo Part no. 113002-001
Product Code 2500669734

Product Overview


Schletter Trapezoidal clamp Fix 2000
The fastening system for self-supporting trapezoidal sheet metal roofs and sandwich elements
- direct fastening
- can be fastened quickly
- validated system structural analysis

Self-supporting trapezoidal sheet metal roofs do not always allow for the connection of fastening systems to the substructure, but often have a sufficient load-bearing capacity for quick and simple direct fastening. In the majority of cases, trapezoidal roofs composed of sandwich elements provide adequate stability in the upper deck but do not allow for penetration with fastening elements as this can lead to an accumulation of condensation. Fix2000 is unrivalled in its simplicity and as a quick fastening option.

Schletter Fix2000 can be referenced in the system structural analysis. It utilizes approved screw-types and verified fastening forces. The distribution of fastening elements and their respective approved loads can be referenced in clearly laid out tables.module.

KlickTop Design Save over 50% compared to the conventional Fix2000 fastener. No running through of screws and no tightening of screws from below - only one connection between cross beam and trapezoid clamp which can be tightened easily from above.

Please note, however, that the exact clamp spacing must be observed when mounting as there is no further structural compensation in the ridge-eaves direction. This can be facilitated by using string lines. With glass to glass laminates, we recommend that assembly begins not prior to, but in line with the module delivery, thus allowing for appropriate responsive action to any potential plus-tolerances of the

Schletter Trapezoidal clamp Fix 2000 The universal fastening for trapezoidal sheet metal for steel plate starting from a thickness of 0.55 and aluminum plate starting from a thickness of 0.8 mm; Also available for steel plate and aluminum plate starting from 0.5 mm; Customized production (measurement check list is available for download)!

Read the instructions for use carefully!

Product Features

  • Complete with KlickTop
  • Glued-in EPDM seal
  • includes 4x self-tapping screws