Picture of a Schletter Add. Connector For Fixz-15 Top Kit

Schletter Add. Connector For Fixz-15 Top Kit

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Product Code 2500669724

Product Overview


Schletter For Fixz-15 Connector Kit

Further development of the well-proven FixZ-7 system with an even steeper elevation angle
- Quick and easy mounting
- Better rear airing
- Better self-cleaning
- Higher yields
- Optimum load transmission into the roof cladding

On trapezoidal sheet metal roofs with inclinations of less than 10 degrees, a mounting of the modules parallel to the roof is not recommendable, because this would result in low yields and insufficient self-cleaning of the modules. However, in many cases, a normal elevation with supporting stands is not economic or structurally not possible due to the higher loads that have to be reckoned with. Quite often, only low elevation angles are desired respectively feasible. Schletter Schletter FixZ-15 provides a simple and inexpensive additional elevation for these problem cases.

Schletter FixZ-15 allows an even steeper module angle of 11 to 15 degrees which makes this system even more effi cient than the well-proven FixZ-7. The mounting of the Schletter FixZ-15 system does not require any more work effort than the installation of a fastening system parallel to the roof. Due to the minimum wind impact surface and an optimized geometry, there will only be slightly bigger loads impacting the roof. In case of sandwich elements, please consult the manufacturer respectively Schletter before installing the system. In this case, an extra check of the load-bearing capacity of the roof may be required.

Mounting information
Please consider that the system is designed for module heights from about 1.3 m up to 1.7 m and setting angles from 11 15 degrees.
For technical reasons, Schletter FixZ-15 is only suitable for framed modules in vertical mounting. Besides the upper (high) profi le, there are two lower profi les available. Which one is to be used depends on the specifications by the module producer

- System profile Schletter FixZ-15 bottom 20, for an engagement length of 20%
- System profile Schletter FixZ-15 bottom 25, for an engagement length of 21-25%

Please also consider the distances to the roof edges that have to be maintained on fl at roofs (inclination < 5 ) of 1.5 m to the sides and 1.2m to the northern and the southern roof edge. With pitched roofs, these distances can be calculated on the basis of the DIN1055 standard. Schletter FixZ-15 must not be used in combination with SingleFix-V! In thiscase, Fix2000 is the ideal fastening solution. Please also pay regard to our general information on roof mounting!

Product Features

  • Connects rows of bottom or top rails together