Picture of a SolarMax MaxWeb XP Data Logger - GPRS

SolarMax MaxWeb XP Data Logger - GPRS

Solarmaxs logo Part no. 1310-5
Product Code 2500668380

Product Overview


Solar MaxWeb xp Ethernet. The data logger MaxWeb xp forms the node of the location-independent monitoring of a photovoltaic system.

MaxWeb xp is a data logger and the essential hub for remote photovoltaic system monitoring. It records current measured values, yield data, and events and transmits these to our MaxWeb Portal.

Together with the MaxWeb Portal, MaxWeb xp forms an ideal team. Using your personal user account, you can access the transmitted system data at any time, in fact from any PC that is connected to the internet. Using MaxWeb Portal is free.

Automatic alarm
MaxWeb xp permanently monitors all connected devices. If anything goes wrong regarding your PV system, an automatic alarm will be sent via email or SMS to up to three recipients.

System access
MaxWeb xp's web server connects directly to your PV system via a web browser, which means you do not need to install any additional software on your PC and it operates independently regardless of your operating system. The web interface provides an online view of the devices and system data. Furthermore, all important settings on the inverters and other connected devices can be implemented.

Grid management
With the chargeable MaxRemote option, MaxWeb xp supports the grid management required within EEG [German Renewable Energy Act] 2012 and the BDEW Medium-Voltage Directive (in Germany only) to reduce the output of PV facilities.

Product Features

  • Automatic alarm transmission via email or SMS
  • Communication via GPRS
  • Setup wizard for simple commissioning