Picture of a Solarworld SunModule Plus 250W Poly Module Silver Frame

Solarworld SunModule Plus 250W Poly Module Silver Frame

Solarworlds logo Part no. SW250 (JU1060) POLY SLVR
Product Code 2500656374

Product Overview


Solarworld SunModule Plus 250W Poly Module Silver Frame
SolarWorld AG relies on Germany as its technology location, thereby ensuring sustainable Product quality. The TUV Rheinland Power controlled inspection mark guarantees that the nominal power indicated for solar modules is inspected at regular intervals and thus ensured. The deviation to TUV is maximum 2 percent. The positive power tolerance guarantees utmost system efficiency. Only modules achieving or exceeding the designated nominal power in performance tests are dispatched. The power tolerance ranges between -0 Wp and +5 Wp. With its linear performance warranty covering a period of 25 years, SolarWorld guarantees a maximum performance degression of 0.7 % p. a., a significant added value compared to the two-phase warranties common in the industry. Therefore, the service certificate offers comprehensive protection for your investment in the long term.

Performance and Efficiency
Best quality 156 mm cells: Sunmodule Plus modules and the Sunmodule Plus black modules, with a uniform black surface, are ideal for a wide variety of applications. Whether for pitched or flat roofs, for ground-mounted installation or on SunCarports SolarWorld offers a wide range of products to help you plan and design your system.

Design - load capacity
Sunmodules are protected by hardened glass and embedded in transparent EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). The modules are sealed at the back with a high-grade laminate.

The module frame and the enclosed glass are fastened to one another using silicone. This makes the modules extremely robust and prevents frames being loosened by sliding snow, for example. The front face of the module can support loads of up to 5.4 kN/m2, compliant with the IEC 61215 standard. This means that the modules are capable of withstanding large build-ups of snow and ice.

Electrical connection
The patented flat and compact junction box, already used in more than 4 million units, ensures maximum safety. The welded connections guarantee a reliable internal electrical connection and prevent corrosion. The box is completely filled with silicone and permanently sealed giving the ability to dissipate heat rapidly ensures perfect temperature consistency. Also, high-quality, sturdy connecting cables are used with pre-assembled plugs and sockets.

- Fully automated production at highest quality level
- SolarWorld solar modules are resistant to frost and hail and can therefore withstand any winter conditions
- DLG and TUV-tested resistance against ammonia
- Maximum pressure load up to 5.4 kN/m
- for high snow loads
- Tested resistance to salt mist for use in coastal areas.

Product Features

  • Output Power 250W
  • Module Efficency: 15.20%
  • Silver Frame
  • Product Dimensions: 1675mm x 1001mm x 31 mm