Picture of a Solarflash Hall Clip Rosemary/Plain Tile Flashing Kit

Solarflash Hall Clip Rosemary/Plain Tile Flashing Kit

SolarFlashs logo Part no. SOLARFLASH PLAIN
Product Code 2500638037

Product Overview


Many installation technicians are not experienced roofers and are therefore not able to offer a quality repair or long term guarantee. The SolarFlash system enables any competent installer to perform a high quality slate/tile roof repair. The system is designed to create a waterproof solution to refitting slates/tiles around the bracket. The existing method of dressing a flashing material around the bracket is fundamentally flawed. This is because (without specialist equipment) the flashing material is in contact with the bracket, which is a movable projection from the roof. This bracket must be allowed to move. By dressing lead around the bracket, any movement in the bracket will cause movement in the lead. As the lead is interwoven with the slates/tiles, there is a potential for the lead to damage/crack the slates.

Product Features

  • 1 x Smaller SolarFlash
  • 2 x Shims (packings)
  • 1 x Foam insert
  • Installation instructions