Picture of a REDTiP ExpressRail 2400mm

REDTiP ExpressRail 2400mm

REDtiPs logo Part no. 20MOUNTINGRAIL2400
Product Code 2500629250

Product Overview


REDTiP ExpressRail 2400mm.
ExpressRail Mounting Frame 2400mm, the perfect partner for REDTiP roof hooks for tiled roofs.

REDTiP Rail Ranges are simple yet brilliant
- ExpressRail for tiled roofs
- SwiftRail for Profiled Sheet roofs

They're both simple to install and transport - with tough universal, wrap around jointing plates and easy assembly module clamps - they go together like a dream, giving an elegant finish to any PV array. Supplied in convenient lengths they're easy to transport and with no 'special' parts, that add cost to other mounting systems, there's also less to clutter up your stores.

Product Features

  • Designed By Installers for Installers
  • Length 2.4m
  • Perfect For Domestic Tiled Roofs
  • Perfect partner for REDTiP Roof Hooks