Picture of a Greenflame Eco 10KW Biomass Boiler With 214Kg Store

Greenflame Eco 10KW Biomass Boiler With 214Kg Store

Greenflames logo Part no. FG3731
Product Code 2500619949

Product Overview


Sitting neatly within the existing Greenflame range, the Eco features additional economical benefits and superb efficiencies in excess of 91%. The range has been highly successful in the European market place, where it was originally introduced and now Trianco are proud to exclusively offer the range as part of its Greenflame portfolio to the UK market.

Product Features

  • Manufactured to a superb standard the range offers full automation
  • Self cleaning features
  • Automatic lighting and powermodulation ranging between 20 ‚Å“ 100%
  • Each model utilises a ‹Å“Lambda control to ensure the highest optimal parameters and high combustion efficiency
  • ‹Å“Eco is fuelled by 6mm approved (ENPlus-A1) pellets
  • The economy of the range is covered by its low Co2 emissions and competitive pricing
  • Its MCS approval qualifies the range for government backed grant incentives such as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and the ‹Å“Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP)