Picture of a Immersun MkII Pv Water Heating Controller

Immersun MkII Pv Water Heating Controller

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Product Code 2500611546

Product Overview


Directing surplus power from a PV or Wind turbine system to space and water heaters. Maximise the usage of available green energy. Reduce Energy Bills. Lower CO2 emmissions.

Product Features

  • Tracks surplus power and diverts this energy to the load
  • TruSine technology for fast and smooth automatic power adjustment
  • Works with PV Wind and Hydro systems
  • Clear graphical backlit LCD display
  • Indicates current import/export power levels as well as diverted power to the heater
  • Savings are accurately reported for the day and each month as well as the total savings
  • Savings can be displayed in several currencies as well as kWhs.
  • No need to change immersion heater
  • Works with many types of heater including Storage panel and underfloor
  • One immerSUN can control two heaters sequentially
  • Only one current sensor for ease of installation
  • Built-in 7-day programmable boost timer
  • Manual boost function for both heater outputs
  • Integral multi-function relay to provide additional functions such as: Economy-7 control cylinder de stratification pump control and export power threshold detect
  • Up to 4 immerSUN's can be linked together for larger systems
  • Smart sturdy metal enclosure designed with the installer in-mind
  • Fully short circuit protected in case of load fault
  • Over load protection
  • Power factor correction
  • Soft starting to avoid power surges
  • Smart meter compatible
  • Compatible with third-party energy monitors
  • Complete CE product approvals
  • Made in Britain with a 3-year product warranty